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Dutch as a Foreign Language - overview

ILT offers 5 basic levels and 1 advanced level of Dutch as a foreign language.

  • Basic levels:
    Each level consists of a module of 80 contact hours (90 contact hours for those involved in the governmental ‘inburgeringstraject’).

    Participants can choose between:
    • intensive (fast-track) programme (12 hours/week) – classes are held in the morning
    • regular programme (6 hourse/week - classes are held in the afternoon or in the evening.

    To enter a Dutch-taught KU Leuven programme, a certificate of level 5 (= ITNA certificate) is a prerequisite.

  • Advanced level: 80 contact hours, no fast-track programme available

  • Level 1 Elementary level (CEFR level A2)
  • Level 2 Intermediate level 1 (CEFR level A2+)
  • Level 3 Intermediate level 2 (CEFR level B1)
  • Level 4 Advanced level 1 (CEFR level B1+)
  • Level 5 Advanced level 2 (CEFR level B2+)
  • Level 6 Academic Dutch (CEFR level C1)

Specific courses:
Please choose the appropriate level for more information.

I. Blomme, A. Decavele, A. Nordin, E. Nys, J. Potargent, K. Sterkendries, H. Van Loo, E. Verlinden, L. Verrote, a.o.

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